Ishwinder Sialy

As a Maritime Administration Coordinator, I navigate the complexities of the maritime industry with precision. My passion lies in creating solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the field.


About Me

Ishwinder Sialy

Maritime Administration Coordinator | Compliance & Certification Management Expert | Digital Data Management Specialist

Greetings! I'm Ishwinder Sialy, a seasoned professional deeply immersed in the maritime industry. With over 7 years of experience, I've dedicated my career to steering through the complexities of Maritime Administration, Compliance & Certification Management, and Digital Data Management.

Professional Journey:

After undertaking this maritime voyage, I have refined my abilities to navigate the complex worlds of compliance and certification. I have developed effective solutions to optimise maritime operations within the realm of digital data administration, which is another area of expertise of mine.

Passion for Innovation:

Passion for Innovation: Similar to a well-charted course at sea, I thrive on transforming ideas into tangible realities. My dedication is focused on the creation of customised platforms that surpass industry norms and establish fresh standards. Similar to the maritime industry, I uphold the notion of challenging limitations in order to establish a distinctive, exceptional, and modern online persona.

  • Nationality:Indian
  • Study:Mechanical Engineering
  • Degree:Bachelor of Technology
  • Interest:Reading books, watching anime, or strategizing in a game of chess.
  • Freelance:Available

Maritime Expertise

Maritime Administration95%
Compliance & Certification Management90%
Digital Data Management92%

Technical Proficiency

Data Analysis in Maritime Operations92%
Integration of Digital Solutions88%
Navigation and Communication Systems90%

Maritime Knowledge and Certifications

  • Maritime Administration and Compliance
  • Certification Management
  • Digital Data Management in Maritime
  • Risk Management in Maritime Operations
  • Project Management in Maritime


  • Innovative Digital Solutions for Maritime
  • Maritime Regulatory Landscape
  • Strategic Risk Mitigation
  • Optimizing Maritime Processes
  • Leadership in Maritime Projects


  • Aug 2011 - Jun 2014

    Mechanical Engineering

    Bachelor of Technology
  • Aug 2008 - May 2011

    Mechanical Engineering



  • Oct 2017 - Now

    Maritime Administration Coordinator

  • Oct 2017 - Jul 2019

    Admissions and Administration Officer

    Aryavart Maritime Institute
  • Sep 2014 - Sep 2017

    Digital Marketing Analyst


What I Do

  • 01

    Ship Management

    Efficient ship management ensuring optimal performance, compliance, and safety in maritime operations...

    Our ship management services cover all aspects of running a vessel, keeping it in good shape, and following the rules. We take care of the complicated tasks of crew management, technical operations, and regulatory compliance while focusing on improving performance and making sure that international rules are followed.

    Our team's experience promises smooth coordination and good decision-making to make your fleet work better overall.

    Our full ship management services are designed to meet the specific needs of your maritime assets, whether it's routine maintenance, making sure the crew is happy and healthy, or following the rules and regulations.

  • 02

    Ship Chartering and Brokerage

    Strategic ship chartering and brokerage services tailored to maximize profitability and operational efficiency...

    Our ship chartering and brokerage services are meant to help you get the most out of your marine assets so that you can make the most money. We use our large network of contacts in the industry to find you profitable chartering chances and negotiate good terms on your behalf.

    Our team makes sure that transactions and strategic relationships go smoothly by knowing how the market works and caring about your business goals.

    Our personalised approach and industry knowledge will help your maritime assets do well in a competitive market, whether you want to hire a vessel or make your fleet more efficient through brokerage.

  • 03

    Flag State & Class Documentation

    Comprehensive handling of flag state and class documentation to ensure regulatory compliance and operational excellence...

    For regulatory compliance and operational success, it's important to know how to find your way around the complicated world of flag state and class documentation. As part of our services, we carefully handle the documentation processes to make sure they are in line with foreign standards and best practises in the industry.

    We make the formal parts of running a ship easier, from flag registration to compliance with the classification society. Our skilled staff makes sure that your fleet has all the paperwork it needs, which lowers risks and makes dealing with the right officials easier.

    You can focus on the most important parts of your maritime business while we take care of the complicated flag state and class paperwork.

  • 04

    Seafarers Documentation

    Efficient management of seafarers' documentation, prioritizing compliance, crew welfare, and regulatory requirements...

    Our seafarers' documentation services put the safety and well-being of your team first. We carefully handle the complicated steps of paperwork, licencing, and following the rules to make sure that your seafarers meet all the requirements.

    We take care of all the paperwork, from licences to medical certificates, so your crew can focus on their duties at sea. Because we care about the well-being of our crew, we are very careful with our paperwork.

    This makes the experience smooth for both maritime experts and vessel operators. Because we are professionals, you can be sure that your sailors' documents are in good hands.

  • 05

    Ship Surveys and Inspection

    Comprehensive ship surveys and inspections ensuring safety, compliance, and optimal vessel performance in maritime operations...

    Our ship surveys and inspections are more than just regular checks; they focus on safety, compliance, and making the most of the ship's performance. We carefully look over your marine assets, finding any possible risks and making sure they are in line with international rules.

    Our experienced team does everything from hull inspections to safety audits and gives you thorough reports and suggestions on how to make your fleet safer and more reliable overall.

    Our all-around approach is designed to meet the specific needs of your vessels, whether you need pre-purchase inspections, audits by the flag state, or regular surveys. You can count on us to protect your marine investments by surveying and inspecting them carefully.

  • 06

    Ship Repair & Dry Docking

    Expert ship repair and dry docking services ensuring efficient maintenance, upgrades, and adherence to industry standards...

    Our ship repair and dry docking services are designed to keep your ships in great shape and make them better. We understand how important it is to get fixes done on time and how that affects how well your fleet works.

    Our skilled team makes sure that your ships get full inspections and any repairs they need, from regular upkeep to major overhauls.

    Our dry docks can handle a wide range of boats, so they can be used for all kinds of repairs and improvements. We offer reliable ship repair services that are suited to the specific needs of your maritime assets. We are dedicated to upholding industry standards and operating at the highest level of efficiency.



Capt Baljinder Singh

Master Mariner

I have the proud and privilege both, of having Mr. Ishwinder Sialy in my team as an integral part of it. Having sailed the seas for over 20 years, I recognize the depth of Mr. Ishwinder Sialy understanding in maritime administration and compliance. His insights and dedication to ensuring regulatory compliance make him an invaluable asset to the maritime industry. Mr. Ishwinder Sialy is a confident and dedicated person, who is a habitual go-getter. His spirit of learning and problem-solving makes him a vital part of the team. His skills and contemporary knowledge in the maritime sector are incredible. He is a proven asset to the organization.

Capt Kamaljeet Singh

Master Mariner

Having more than two decades of experience as a mariner, I have had the honour of observing the significant contributions that Ishwinder Sialy has made to the maritime industry. His dedication is extraordinary to certification management and digital data management. Ishwinder's profound comprehension of risk management in the context of maritime operations contributes an exceptionally praiseworthy level of safety and efficiency.

Mr. R S Tanwar

Ex-Indian Navy, Maritime Instructor

Throughout our work together at the maritime institute, Mr. Ishwinder Sialy has constantly shown that he has a deep understanding of maritime administration and compliance. His deep understanding of the rules and his unwavering commitment to upholding them make him an invaluable asset to the maritime business. Mr. Sialy knows a lot about modern issues and how to solve them. This makes him an important and valuable addition to any business. He stands out in the marine industry because he is always eager to learn and get things done. I have no doubts about suggesting Mr. Ishwinder Sialy for any maritime, certification management, or digital data management work.

Er Avinash Jha

IT/AI Engineer

I have had the privilege of working alongside Ishwinder Sialy on initiatives that intersect technology and the maritime industry. His remarkable capacity to connect the maritime industry with information technology is truly remarkable. In addition to his expertise in the maritime industry, Ishwinder's strategic approach to project management and digital data management demonstrates his prowess in the domains of IT and AI.


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